Hide and Seek

Remember hide and seek? Oh how I loved that game when I was young. Every evening before supper the kids in my neighborhood would gather in our big corner yard to play games of tag and dodge ball and my favorite, hide and seek. I always felt rather special and important, knowing that someone was out there looking for me. I can still remember the anticipation I felt when I was hiding, waiting anxiously to see if someone would be able to find me, worrying just a bit that they would forget to look and I would be left hiding forever. And then, they’d move back the bush or look under the bench or around the corner and they’d find me and the chase was on. I’d run my heart out hoping to reach home safely so that I would be free, and not the dreaded “it” – you know, the one who had to do all the looking in the next round if you tagged.

Sometimes it seems the life of faith is like a game of hide and seek. We keep hiding ourselves away in the bushes or under the bed or in the closet, hoping against hope that we’re not lost…that God really is out there looking for us…that we’re really worth seeking. We wait, and we wonder, and we worry. But the good news is our God is always shouting “Ready or not, here I come.” And then, God peaks around the corner of our heart or moves back the veil we’ve been hiding behind and we’re blessed with that wonderful, surprising moment of experiencing God’s grace anew – the sun breaks through the fog, there’s a lull in the pounding waves, a stranger smiles, a friend lifts us up in prayer, the glow of a candle dispels the darkness, a word is spoken with tenderness and conviction. . . and we know, we just know in that moment, that we aren’t really lost at all, only hiding.

I have to admit, my favorite moment in the game was when the person who was “it” called out: “Olly olly outs in free, free, free.” We all knew in that moment, that no matter where we were hiding, whether we had felt lost and forsaken or giddy that no one could find us, we got to go home; we were free; we were safe.

Let this good news wash over you: our God is always seeking, looking, searching out all the broken places and dark corners in our world and our hearts because we are God’s beloved and God’s grace is always calling and welcoming us home. And if we still feel lost, as we sometimes will, God calls out “olly olly outs in free, free, free! For the Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost.” ~Luke 19:10 NRSV

Want to play sometime? Susan

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  1. Susan, you’ve captured some of the fears that I have experienced but never quite articulated – that fear of being forgotten and lost in hiding. What a good reminder that God is always looking for us, that God will always find us, that it is ME doing the hiding. I’m not sure I’ll think of the game Hide-and-seek in quite the same way. Thanks yet again for your reflections.

    • Thandiwe, thank you so much for your comments and encouragement. I am touched that you take the time to read and share your thoughts about my blog. Blessings, Susan

  2. Yes, I agree. What a relief it is to know we can never be lost by God. An important thing to remember, especially when we feel lost, in the dark, and hidden from our highest good. The eyes of Spirit are always open, can never be blinded by confusion like ours so often are, and always sees the perfect way ahead for us.

    Thanks mom… I love you.


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